Selling Your Farm

We are proud to offer a wide range of products and services to you our customer. Below you will find an overview of our most common activities, however keep in mind that these are generic descriptions. We are fully aware that each individual farm operation is different and each one requires a customized approach. Talk to one of our agents to see how we can help you in all your farm real estate needs.


Selling your farm

Got farm property to sell? We are the farm sales specialists in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.


Helping you purchase a farm

If you plan to purchase a farm or farm property we can help you find what you are looking for. Our vast network in the agricultural industry is your best assurance that you will be successful. If we can’t find it, it probably isn’t available!


Market evaluation

If you need to know what your farm is worth in today’s market give us a call. We can give you our opinion of value for your own needs or for your financial institution. Quite often this is much more affordable as an appraisal and depending on your situation it may be sufficient for your particular situation.


Business plan

If you are in need of a business plan, we can help you prepare and write a comprehensive plan for your specific needs. This could be to support the purchase of a farm, a financing application or for your immigration visa application. We have the knowledge and the experience to work out a plan that is supported by sound financial data analysis.


Farm Marketer listings

We fully cooperate with all agents that may have clients interested in your property. Contrary to some other agents, we do not have any ‘back pocket’ listings. When you list your farm, make sure that it is exposed worldwide in your best interest and not in the real estate agent’s.


Facilitate tenders

The land market in the last few years has been very active to the extent where a tendering process may be your best option. However, in some situations and locations, this may not be the case. Ask us about your best option and if so, let us facilitate your tender. We have a lot of experience in setting up a proper tender process and approaching potential bidders, making sure you receive the best price for your farm property.

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